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Nelinor technology is built to meet today's sustainable goals . We utilize different hardware that work together with our advanced software to analyze energy consumption and environmental factors. We focus on the three essential elements:

The data and system recommendations are accessible to both the end user and the facility manager:

Mobile app

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The end user gets a mobile app that is built to be simple and effective. It can setup, view and control the system. The main features include:

  • Convenient control of light and appliances
  • Quick to gain access.
  • Innovative simplified visualization
  • Real-time readings of sensors and notifications for out of ordinary events
  • AI recommendations of actions that can be scheduled to reduce energy usage

Web portal

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The facility manager gets access to web portal that is built to provide deep technical visibility. The main features include:

  • Real-time and historic charts of data.
  • Detailed break-down of energy consumption
  • Rules engine to take actions according to specific conditions
  • Reports delivered to email

Control lights and appliances

Real-time analytics

Cost effective

Simple installation
Empowering people to make sustainable choices based on understanding of their environment

Use Cases

Here are some examples and ideas of where Nelinor technology can be utilized.

Enjoy the convenience of remote controlling and let the system help you to have sustainable life.


Get a breakdown of energy consumption in schools, datacenters, shops or hospitals.


Complement your off-grid or on-grid system with accurate tracking and get meaningful notifications about consumption.


Set automation rules for lighting and detect biggest energy offenders.


Grant access to room guests to control their room A/C according to their schedule.


Guests get access to control and the managemnt gets notifications about excessive energy use.


People will always take sustainable actions if they were easily available and economically viable
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