Grid power is not available (off-grid)

DC charging mode:

Utilizing incoming solar energy to charge the battery and provide power on AC OUT and DC OUT.

Discharging mode:

Energy Storage will keep providing energy as long as there is energy stored in the internal battery.

AC charging and pass-through mode:

When Energy Storage internal battery runs out of energy, you might need to turn on the generator. Energy Storage will let AC power pass-through but also charge its internal battery. When the battery is full, you can start taking power from Energy Storage and the generator can stop running. This means less fuel consumed and less harmful emissions.

The smallest capacity Energy Storage is small enough in size that it can be easy to carry and transport by car. Plugging the grid power to AC IN to charge the internal battery in a location where the grid is available, for example, at your home.  Then you can take the Energy Storage with you to the off-grid location, where you can use it and discharge it, for example, at your cottage.

Better efficiency when the products are working together

Other Nelinor products provides great control and monitoring abilities. Energy storage is capable of increasing its battery life by following rules that are suggested by AI and approved by the user via app. Simple rules that will allow Energy Storage to turn the power on/off.

Redirect energy consumed based on battery level

It is possible to prolong battery life by placing setting in the app to turn off some lights and none-essential loads when the battery level reaches 30%. Or to turn on water heater for example when the battery level is over 90%.

Avoid maximum energy draw

Draining the battery fast by turning on all the consumers at the same time will result in reduced efficiency. It is better to have the consumers running one after another. For example, Energy storage will send command to Power Plug to cut off power from fridge while water kettle is heating water for couple of minutes.



All cloud communication between the app and devices is secured by high level of encryption. You can also manage access in the app for other users who are accessing your devices.


The app does not require registration nor login. It does not ask for username, email nor password.


The app automatically picks the best network to communicate with the devices whether it is the local network or the cloud.

Live and Historic

Live data stream is sent from devices to all app users in the local network and to the Nelinor cloud server if internet connection is available to the device. Historic data access is only available in the cloud server, as the device own memory is small and cannot hold big data.

OTA Update

Devices can get firmware updates over-the-air even without connection the cloud server. If the device is without internet access you can still update its firmware to get new features using the phone app via direct or local connection.

Team Play

All Nelinor products work and provide value on their own. But it is possible to unlock more features and bring more value when products work together in the same local area network.

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