It is possible to connect directly to any Nelinor product. When pressing the button on the product for 10 seconds. It will enter direct connection mode. The product will be visible in the app. All options and features will be available, including passing over your WiFi router password information to the product.

Once the product has the password of your WiFi router. It will be able to communicate with other products and users locally. There is no need for internet connection to Nelinor servers under this mode. So even if you lose internet connectivity, everything will stay working and you can access all the products when joining your WiFi network.

This is the recommended mode of operation that you could get all the benefits of Nelinor solutions. You can access and control the products via internet connection, no matter where you are. It also allows advances features to work, such as AI recommendation and historic records of energy consumptions. Those advanced features always need access to Nelinor servers.