The Grid Battery by Nelinor is a groundbreaking energy solution, introducing the world’s first Plug and Play Smart Grid Battery. This innovative technology provides affordable and eco-friendly energy options for both households and businesses. With advanced AI-powered features, it offers seamless integration into existing grid systems, and solar panel systems making it a game-changer in the renewable energy sector.

Nelinor Smart Grid battery benefits.

1. Lower Energy Bills By:

  • Storing Excess Renewable Energy:

Grid Battery allows you to store excess renewable energy generated during the day. This stored energy can be utilized later whenever it is needed, reducing your reliance on the grid and lowering your energy bills.

  • Utilizing Stored Energy When Needed:

By tapping into the stored energy, you can power your appliances during peak hours or when the grid experiences fluctuations. This ensures a continuous supply of electricity and minimizes the impact of power outages.

  • Capitalizing on Lowest Price Hours:

Nelinor takes energy optimization a step further by incorporating machine learning AI into the Grid Battery system. Unlike competitors that rely on basic manual principles of charging during low-price hours, Nelinor’s AI technology analyzes real-time electricity spot prices and automatically charges the battery when the prices are low. It then discharges the battery when the prices are high, allowing you to benefit from the most cost-effective electricity usage. This automated process maximizes your savings and ensures efficient utilization of electricity.

2. Quick Setup

  • Easy Plug-and-Play Installation:

Grid Battery can be easily connected to any wall socket. The same cable is used for both charging and discharging, making the setup process quick and hassle-free.

  • Versatile Charging and Discharging:

The Grid Battery has a capacity of 7kWh and a charging power of 2.2kW. It can efficiently charge and discharge electricity, ensuring a reliable and consistent power supply.

  • High-Quality Lithium Battery Cells:

Nelinor uses only Grade A new cells in the Grid Battery. This guarantees that the battery’s capacity will remain over 80% for 15 years, based on one cycle of charge and discharge per day. No used EV cells or Grade B cells are utilized, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the battery.

3. Nelinor App

Nelinor App

Access and Control at Your Fingertips:

The Grid Battery provides easy access and control through a user-friendly interface. You can configure various settings related to charging and discharging, monitor battery levels and status in real-time, and view historical data. Additionally, you can keep track of the internal temperature and the health of individual battery cells.

  •  Configuration Options:

Grid Battery offers flexible configuration options, allowing you to customize settings according to your energy needs and preferences. You can fine-tune parameters related to WiFi connectivity, charging, and discharging to optimize the performance of the battery.

  • Monitoring Capabilities:

With the Grid Battery, you can monitor the battery level, charging/discharging/idle status, internal temperature, and individual cells’ health. This comprehensive monitoring system ensures that you are always aware of the battery’s performance and can take necessary actions if required.

  •  Control Features:

The Grid Battery gives you the ability to turn it ON/OFF as needed, providing you with full control over your energy usage. This feature allows you to optimize the utilization of stored energy and further reduce your energy costs.


In conclusion, the Grid Battery by Nelinor represents an affordable and eco-friendly solution for lowering your energy bills, storing excess renewable energy, and contributing to a greener future. Its quick and hassle-free setup, high-quality battery cells, and advanced monitoring and control features make it a reliable and efficient choice for sustainable energy storage. By investing in the Grid Battery today, you take a significant step towards a more sustainable and cost-effective energy consumption model.