Available operating modes

Using Nelinor mobile app, you can select the charging and discharging logic. Here is what is needed for each mode:

Charge excess solar and consume

- Install the included Power Meter.
- No need for any special electricity contract.

Charge during low prices and consume

- Install the included Power Meter.
- Get dynamic (spot) electricity contract.

Charge during low prices and sell back during high prices

- No need to install Power Meter.
- Get dynamic (spot) electricity contract.

Charge from excess solar and sell back during high prices

- Install the included Power Meter
- Get dynamic (spot) electricity contract.


  • Capacity: 7kWh
  • Power: 1.8kW
  • Cycles: 6000
  • Weight: 59kg
  • Dimensions: 24cm*25cm*60cm
  • Package Includes: Grid Battery, WiFi Antenna, AC Cable and Power Meter


Please check with your local electrician. The power rating is low enough to work with any socket. In some countries like Finland you need to ask the electrician to do the wiring for the Grid Battery.

Yes, it is works with 3-phase systems if your meter supports net metering. Grid Battery will discharge power that is enough to cover consumption over all the three phases. The utility power meter will calculate the net over the three phases, which means Grid Battery can cover consumption even if the appliance is connected to a different phase.

Yes, it is works with single phase. When installing the included Power Meter wire only C sensor.

No, we do not recommend that. It is recommended to call your local electrician and follow the installation guide. No need for any expert installer. Any electrician can install the Power Meter.

Then you cannot charge the battery when the prices are low. You need spot-price contract to take advantage of low prices hours.

Yes, but only storing excess solar will keep working. Spot-price charging needs WiFi and internet access.

Grid Battery won’t be able to buy and release energy at the best prices if there is no internet access, but it will continue to communicate via local WiFi network with the Power Meter to store excess solar and cover for consumption.

If you choose selling at highest price in the app. You need to have a contract with your energy supplier to sell back. If you have solar panels, that means you already have that contract.

If you just want to store excess solar energy for self-consumption, then there is no need for making a selling back contract.

Yes, Grid Battery works with information provided by the power meter and it stores excess solar energy.

No, Grid Battery charges from the AC network in your home, which the solar panel production goes into. If your use case really needs this feature then contact us and we could offer this customisation.

The Grid Battery does not work as a backup energy source when the grid is down. However, If you contact us you can receive an offer from us for a separate backup battery pack to complement your Grid Battery.

Yes, the Power Meter reports any energy export, it does not matter if it is solar or wind.


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